The Marriot Marquis Atlanta, GA Architect: John C. Portman Jr.

In light of the recent passing of John C, Portman Jr. I wanted to share a paper I wrote on my favorite building of his. Mr. Portman truly built Atlanta. The skyline you know and the city we love. I have always wanted to meet him but some things are not meant to be. Rest In Peace. Thankful his designs transcend time. Please note this paper was written in 2014.

Known as one of the most influential and controversial architects of the twentieth century, John C. Portman Jr. not only created the modern Atlanta as it is today, but also built a design philosophy that breathes throughout his works, like the Atlanta Marriott Marquis. In his original architectural concept for the Atlanta Marriot Marquis, Portman expresses his principles and theories of design applied as the function, order and variety; nature and movement; and finally, human participation and spectating. 

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Where in The World is Rebecca Carmen? Hong Kong pt. I

At the beginning of 2015, I embarked on a trip to Hong Kong and Malaysia. I posted a lot of my iPhone photos on my instagram under the tag #whereintheworldisrebeccacarmen, but I haven't shared many other photographs of my trip.  So I decided it was about time to start sharing some photos and memories from my incredible trip.

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