Where in The World is Rebecca Carmen? Hong Kong pt. I

At the beginning of 2015, I embarked on a trip to Hong Kong and Malaysia. I posted a lot of my iPhone photos on my instagram under the tag #whereintheworldisrebeccacarmen, but I haven't shared many other photographs of my trip.  So I decided it was about time to start sharing some photos and memories from my incredible trip.

                                                                                         iPhone panorama-Central, Hong Kong

                                                                                         iPhone panorama-Central, Hong Kong

One of my sister's and her husband live in Hong Kong so I took the opportunity to go visit them in their city and then travel with them to Malaysia.

Here are some photos I captured in the Central District of Hong Kong:

If you love architecture like I do this part of Hong Kong is sensory overload. The gorgeous weather reflected and shined off of all the buildings.


We then went over to St. John's Cathedral. This church was finished in 1849, and in a Stewart Little style, is nestled in-between the towering modern buildings of Central Hong Kong.

Right when we walked up we noticed a bride walking into a ceremony and I was quick enough to get a few shots. I walked around and then noticed the get-away car decorated with Hello Kitty stuffed animals- needless to say I was a fan.

Central is filled of dynamic, jaw-dropping, and physics-defying buildings. I loved getting to explore this part of Hong Kong.