#UOinstameet Round 2!

I had the incredible opportunity to partner again with Igers Orlando and Universal Orlando for WWIM14.  I was able to stay at the new Loew's Sapphire Falls Resort and photograph the parks at sunrise, then visit them in the afternoon! I had such an amazing time, even at Horror Nights (If you saw my face in the 3D house you'd say otherwise). 

Blue tones have such a way with my heart, and when I walked into my room it was utterly swoon worthy. Bright white natural light with blue tones everywhere, basically my dream.

I settled in my room a bit before heading out to the parks! (Who wouldn't want to stay in this room forever?)

I met up with another local instagrammer Kayla and we went around Islands of Adventure before heading over to Horror Nights (Aka me running away to Diagon Alley).

I finally rode the Hulk, which was a blast and when we got over to Horror Nights I did go into one house! After scare zones and the one house I rewarded myself with a butterbeer ice cream cone. It made those experiences worth it for sure. ;)

We woke up bright and early...well minus the bright because 4:30am isn't bright, but it is SO worth it when you're getting to see the sunrise in the parks.

Thanks again Universal Orlando for the opportunity! Check out their blog recap here.